Corrosion Prevention/VCI

The corrosion prevention – VCI product that we offer is a volitile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) made of proprietary chemical formulations that are invisible, odorless, non-toxic, non-reactive, non-flammable and non-allergenic. These chemical formulations release a corrosion inhibiting vapor that diffuses throughout an enclosure and settles on exposed metal surfaces to form a microscopic or monomolecular corrosion inhibiting layer.

This protective layer will remain on the surface of the metal as long as there is no significant, continuous exchange of air within the enclosure. Once the metal part is removed from the enclosure, the corrosion inhibiting layer is no longer kept in place by equilibrium and it dissipates from metal surfaces (typically within about an hour) leaving the metal part clean, dry and corrosion-free.

VCI products offer metal corrosion protection without having to be in direct contact with or coated onto the parts that are being protected. Metal parts merely need to be enclosed in or with a VCI product (where airflow is minimized) for protection to occur. With VCI, it is no longer necessary to apply messy oils, greases and other corrosion protection compounds and incur the cost of their removal.


 A  Cost effective metal corrosion protection.

 B  Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

 C  No need to use grease or oils.

 D  Vapors replenish the contained package and penetrate recessed, inaccessible areas ensuring good corrosion protection throughout the package.

 E  No need to remove VCI protection layer before use (even in food service) or welding product.

 F  Pre-sized based on 50% free air volume or less.