Crate Styles

National Crate’s desire is to make sourcing, configuring, and purchasing your shipping and storage solutions as simple and as cost-effective as possible. Our Simple-Lock™ and Simple-Clip™ nailless wooden shipping crate styles each offer unique features that are sure to improve the way you pack, store, and ship your items. We also offer heavy-duty hardwood skids for heavier industrial applications. See below for a summary of our current product offering.


Our flagship offering, the Simple-Lock™ crate is a nailless wooden shipping crate that is lighter, stronger, and easier to fill than a traditional wooden shipping crate. It ships flat and assembles with a hammer or mallet.

  • Stamped, integral metal rails and buckles provide structure, support, and easy assembly.
  • The Simple-Lock™ buckle and slot system allows for safe and easy assembly. The crates can also be reused.
  • Chamfered 5-ply ¼” (actual thickness) plywood for strength and durability.
  • ISPM 15 compliant. Available with heat treated standard pallets or heavy-duty skids for domestic or international shipping.


    Simple-Clip™ crates are a nailless high-strength, heavy-duty wooden shipping crate that assembles easy and ship and stores flat. A great solution for point-to-point shipping, returnable packaging, and reusable storage.

    • Heavy-duty 11-ply ¾” plywood panels for high stacking strength and durability, machined to interlock for added strength and ease of assembly.
    • Integral 4-way entry pallet
    • Steel clip design holds tight and allows for easy assembly/disassembly.