Simple-Lock™ Crates

An engineered, nailless alternative to the common wooden shipping crate.

Made in the USA, our Simple-Lock™ nailless wooden shipping crates are lighter, stronger, and easier to fill and assemble than your standard pine or spruce box. This engineered design is widely used in the global market and is now readily available to you. Optional pallets and skids are heat treated to ISPM 15 standards. See the Assembly Instructions.


 A  Crates available with or without heat treated standard pallets or heavy-duty skids. Crates ordered with pallets or skids come with the bottom crate panel pre-attached.

 B  Simple-Lock™ crates ship and store flat, saving money and space.

 C  Chamfered 5-ply ¼” (actual thickness) plywood provides strength and durability.

 D  Stamped, integral metal rails and buckles provide structure and support. The Simple-Lock™ buckle and slot system allows for safe and easy assembly.

 E  Meets ISPM 15 international shipping requirements.

How The System Works

Crates ship and store flat when empty, saving money and space. The Simple-Lock™ system is fast and easy to assemble/disassemble – No saws, nails, screws, or pry bars required.

 1  Larger items can be loaded and secured to base prior to crate assembly for easier loading.

 2  Place the long-side panels into the bottom panel, inserting the buckles into the slots.

 3  Place the short-side panels between the long-side panels and into the base. Bend buckles back and over the slots.

 4  Place the lid on top of the crate making sure the buckles fit through the slots. Bend the buckles back and down to secure the lid in place.